Every so often a day comes along, to many it’s just ‘a’ day, but to us it’s ‘THE’ day. What the hell are we talking about? Well today we welcome back an old favourite to the world of musical releases – everyone’s favourite Brooklyn residents, WE ARE SCIENTISTS.

After spending a solid couple of years almost completely off the gird, apart from a few shows across the UK and States, the duo/sometimes trio of Keith Murray, Chris Cain and Andy Burrows have today released a new 7″ double A side single. Something About You/Let Me Win, is the first new music we’ve heard out of the WAS camp since they released a joke single ‘Goal England!’ in an attempt to become the official English World Cup anthem back in 2010. So it’s safe to say we’re extremely glad to see them back.

In their typical jovial style, the announcement was too hilarious for us to copy-write  so we’re just going to let them explain it themselves…

“Imagine us, Keith and Chris. Imagine it’s March, 2013. Imagine we’ve finished recording a new full-length album, but that there are lots of details to work through before a release date will even be in sight. What do you do? You get bored! You call up Tim Wheeler and ask him if you can use his studio. You ask Claudius Mittendorfer, Tim’s partner, if he has a couple of days to record some tracks. You eVite a couple of your musical pals to come do some shaking and strumming.

And that’s just what we did! Max Hart tinkled some ivory. Claudius invoked all kinds of producorial black magic. Needless to say, our own Andy Burrows smacked the shit out of a bunch of drums. We had some laffs, cried some tearz, and knocked out 5 songs in 3 days. The two on this piece of vinyl are the ones we wanted you to have ASAP. (The others will be along eventually.)”

Okay, did you get all that?

Let’s break it down. We Are Scientists will be releasing a new LP later this year, although both ‘Something About You’ and ‘Let Me Win’ will not be appearing on it. They are 2 tracks of a 5 track session that will be released periodically up until they give us a release date for the LP itself.

So all in all, we not only get a brand new WAS album, we also get 5 other stand-alone singles. It’s win-win for everyone.

Both of the new singles indicate a slight shift in the sound, with a more low-key and melancholic vibe taken – creating a real brooding side to the recordings. Lyrically, the songs seem to be more connected to Murray, as he sings with a real sense of emotion in every line. Surely, you can attribute that to the bands evolution, considering that 2010 was when their last album, Barbara, was released.

Regardless, the elements that have made the band a mainstay in the indie music scene are all there. Murray‘s, powerful-yet-fun and bright vocals, unique and arrayed percussion, beautiful arrangements, strong group harmonies and a sense of playfulness.

So to conclude, in the wise words of Murray and Cain, “This is, as you can see, a big day for us. Why not pull out the old Slip’n’Slide, throw on a swimsuit, click play, and help us celebrate?”

You can grab Something About You/Let Me Win digitally via the WAS widgets or iTunes. If you’re looking for the 7″, head to the band’s web-store.

Stay tuned for more WAS related news, including the release details of their new album.

Words: Tom Hutchins